Widget Sidebar

Sidebar and Widgets are created in the theme.

1) Access admin dashboard -> "Appearance" -> "Widgets" to manage sidebar.

2) List of supported sidebar in Theme

  • a. RightSidebar: the rightsidebar for all pages.

  • b. Left Sidebar: the leftsidebar for all pages.

  • c. User sidebar : user dashboard siderbar widget.

3) List of supported widgets in Theme

  1. Estate : Mortgage Calculator: display mortgage calculator in sidebar.

  2. Estate : Search Properties : display search form in sidebar.

  3. Estate : Featured Properties: display all feature properties.

  4. Estate : Same price : Display properties with same price

  5. Estate : Simial Properties: Display properties with simial properties

  6. OpalMembership : Quick Purchase : display purchase quickly in sidebar

  7. OpalMembership : Current package : Display package that you saw

  8. Opal Recent Posts widget : Display all posts that recent.

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