Submit Property

To create property easy and quickly

Adding a property is straigh forward, we are broken it down into a few steps

  1. General tab : please fill in all information about title , description , price ... then click button "Next Step"

2.Media tab: In this tab you can upload image for property... then click button " Next Step"

3. Location tab: Fill in all information about country, states, address... then click button " Next Step"

4.Information tab: In this tab will display all option about built year, bedrooms,.... then click button "Next Step"

5. Amenities tab: Please choose option include with property . Then click button "Next Step"

6. Facilities tab: Add facility for property . Click button "Next Step"

7. Apartments tab: Please add one of more apartment for property . Then click button "Next Step"

8.Floor plans tab: You can add one or more floor of property. Then click buton "Save property".

After submit property, please wait until administrator approve your property. Your property will display in front-end and display in your property.

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