Opal Widgets For Elementor

This plugin provides your everything widgets suchs as header builder, footer builder, woocommerce widget, pricing table, blog, countdown and many more.

Install plugin and active this plugin will display in plugins:

Go to add new page and all widgets will display in leftsidebar :

you can drag or drop element in widget and input content .

+ Opal Account: To input account in widget.

+ Opal Banner : set up image and content banner for widget.

+ Opal brands: Set up brand items , image size...

+ Opal Breadcrumb: Show breadcrumb, icon for page.

+ Opal Button : Display form and content to button.

+ Call to action : Display skin and layout for image and display content.

+ Opal countdown : Display time to countdown.

+ Opal Counter: Input number for counter.

+ Opal Dual Heading: Input heading and text content.

+ Opal Google maps : Insert address and content to follow google map display your address.

+ Opal image gallery: Display all images to gallery widget......

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