How to translate strings in the plugin?

How to translate strings in the plugin?

We suggest you use Loco Translate plugin to translate. We think that it's easy for a newbie.

1. Install Loco Translate plugin

  1. Visit Plugin Dashboard > Add New

  2. Search Loco Translate

  3. Click Install then Activate

2. Translate strings in Opal Estate Pro plugin

You can follow some simple steps:

  1. In the Dashboard, click Loco Translate > Plugins. Find Opal Estate Pro and click it.

2. Click New language to create your language file.

3. Choose you language and file location to save it.

Note: The language should be the same site language in Dashboard > Settings > General > Site Language. Also, you should choose file location is Custom or System. If you choose Author, your language file will be deleted when updating, so you must be translate from zero again.

Click Start Translating to start.

4. Now, you just find your string as you want and translate it.

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