Create propreties

Allow you can create properties easy and quickly, then control all properties of customer .

How to create Property with administrator:

  • Step 1: Navigate to AppearanceProperties in your WordPress admin dashboard.

  • Step 2: Click the Add New Property.

  • Step 3: Fill in name of detail, content and property categoris, amenities,label, status... Featured image to create information of property

  • Step 4: Scroll down you will see Property Metabox. You can config option in there.

1.In general: Please fill in all information with title in this box.

  • Featured: enable option

  • Property SKU: Please input your property SKU

  • Location: Please use google api to input latitude and longtitude

Special when you input location it will display via map and it also display location near by your property:

Frontend look like:

  • Postal code/zip: Please input number of code.

  • Address: Input address of your property

  • Video: Please input link of video about property.

2. In Prices tab: please input priced of your property in there.

3. In Information : it will display all information if you fill in.

4. Facility, Floor plan, Apartments, gallery : Fill in all information in this option.

5.In Virtual tour 360 : it will display 2 option for you choose add virtural..

6. In Attachments : Please upload attachment for your property.

7.In Contact member : Please choose member that customer can contact with.

8. In Layout : Display layout option for property .

Specially, in layout has 2 options : Layout display and Preview display

Layout display is display single property layout :

Frontend look like:

Preview display is display single preview property layout ,in this form has many options :

  • Step 5: Click to "Publish " when your property is finish .

Front-end look like:

Specially, in Property has display "Walk Scores" to help customer can view location nearest with your property and "Page Views Statics" to help customer can see total views of property pages.

In property , we have "Request Review" to help customer can request to view property first to choose.

You can see button on single property:

Click to button and fill in form to request.

In property, we have option "Mortgage Payment Calculator" to help you view your Mortgage Payment

If you want to know more, please watch video : How to create Property

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