Shop Layout
Medilazar Shop Layouts are available 4 styles:
    Shop Fullwidth
    Shop Left Sidebar
    Shop Right Sidebar
    Shop Listview

1. Add Sidebar Widget for Shop Layout

Admin -> Appearance -> Widget
It appears at frontend.
Shop with sidebar

2. Customize Shop Layout:

Admin -> Customize -> WooCommerce
WooCommerce Archive

Layout Style

    Layout Style: Default and Hide sidebar
    Position Filter: Right/Left Sidebar
    Container Fullwidth
    Number of product to show

Product Catalog

    Shop page display: Choose what to display on the main shop page
    Show products, show categories, show categories and products
    Category display: Choose what to display on the category page. Show products Show subcategories Show subcategories and products
    Default product sorting: How should products be sorted in the catalog by default?
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