Optimize Wordpress

Website Optimization is a long-term tasks. Because there are a lot of factors that impact on your website speed:

Here are some primary causes for a slow WordPress website are:

  • Web Hosting – Your hosting server should be configure properly unless it can hurt your website speed.

  • WordPress Configuration – Your website should be cleared cache to avoid overload website or slow or crash entirely.

  • Page Size – Your images are not optimized. It's too heavy to load.

  • Bad plugins – Poor coded plugin will slow down your website.

  • External scripts – External scripts such as ads, font loaders, etc can also have a huge impact on your website performance.

How to Optimize WordPress website:

If you think your website takes too much time to load maybe you should.

  • Keep your site always update

  • Install a Cache Plugin for WordPress. We recommend W3 Total Cache

Install an Image Compress Plugin. We recommend WP Smush It.

Or view more at detail ​steps: How to Optimize Image in WordPress

  • Install a Database Optimizer Plugin We recommend WP Optimize

  • Don't Video directly to WordPress

  • Use optimized theme and plugins

  • Split Long post and Comments on the page

  • Reduce Wordpress database

  • Reduce External HTTP Requests

  • Use Lazyload if need

  • Use DNS Level Website Firewall

  • Fix HTTPS/SSL Errors without Plugin

See more: How to Speed Up WordPress Performance

To install plugin Autoptimize , please go to plugin and find plugin "Autoptimize"

Next go to Dashboard ->> Settings ->> Autoptimize

Set up option main like :

Option Extra

Plugin Cache to delete all caches of theme.

Then install plugin cache :

Next go to Dashboard ->> Settings ->> Cache

Choose option caching on to turn on plugin :

Then you can click button test cache to check it​

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