Color style

Set up color style for site

To access Customizer go to your admin Dashboard Navigate to Appearance >> Customize --> Color Style

A. Breadcrumb

  • Color: when you change color , text of breadcrumb .

  • Color Current : when you change color, title breadcrumb .

B. Woocommerce

  • Price color : Change color for all prices of product

  • Product cats color : change color for product cats

C. Theme

In this option we has 2 options for you choose :

+ Default : All config is default of theme.

+ Custom: It allow you to custom theme.

  • With Primary Color and secondary color : custom for buttons, links, featured images...

  • Body color: change color for all contents of body

With Primary

  • Background color : If you change color, it will display look like

  • Text color : Display color for text of site

  • Hover color: Display color for text when you hover

  • Heading color : Display color for all headings in site

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