Change typography for site

To access Customizer go to your admin Dashboard Navigate to Appearance >> Customize --> Typography

+ With Breadcrumb

  • Font Style : Set up font for text in breadcrumb

  • Font-size: set up size for text

  • Line Height: when you change height of text it will look like

  • Letter Spacing : when you change it, text of breadcrumb will be changed look like

B. Woocommerce

+ With Product Loop

  • Font Family : to change font for woocommerce

  • Font Style : Change style for woocommerce

  • Font size: Change size for woocommerce

  • Price font size : Change size for price of woocommerce

+ With Product Single : display all configs for product single as font family, font size...

  • Font-Family : Change font for title

  • Font Style : Change font style

  • Font Size : Change size for font title

  • Price Font Size : Change size of price product

C. Global

D. Sidebar : Set up config for left and right sidebar

  • Font Style

  • Heading Font Family

  • Heading Font Size

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