Product Attribute

Product Attributes are pieces of data that can add more technical information to your product and help you to refine your catalog while browsing/searching. It works in exactly the same way as product Categories. For example, you can add extra product data like ‘Author‘,’Language‘ or ‘Format‘ to your products.

Adding New Attributes to your product

Setting up attributes themselves uses an interface you will be familiar with. It’s recommended that you set up any Attribute you will be using over and over in this way. Navigate to Products > Attributes and you will be presented with the following screen:

Here you can quickly and easily add attributes. After adding, the attribute may display without Attribute Name. Then edit the attribute to enter the Attribute Name and click save to update.

Here it is an example of adding Author Attribute, likewise you can add Language and Format Attributes.

Configuring Author Attributes to your product

Here you can use attribute for Authors with terms like : Jay Shetty, Anna Banks etc.,

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