Set up Header

Step 1: Go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Header & Footer Builder > Add new > Edit with Elementor
By bringing the power of the Elementor editor to the header/footer areas, you can design them any way you like, full-width included, and be able to complete projects faster than ever. You can also save header and footer templates, and reuse them on any other project.
If you are beating yourself up right now for all the hours you lost in the past over your header design, we share your feelings. From now on, with the help of Theme Builder, things are going to be much faster. Learn How To Build Headers
Step 2: Edit Menu​
Step 3: Edit "Logo" for shop
Step 4: Edit Header Group
Step 5: Edit Vertical Menu
Step 6: Edit Menu Canvas Mobile
Step 7: Edit Search Form
Step 8: Edit Social Icon
Step 9: Edit Button
Step 10: Edit Icon Box

How are Conditions Displayed?

  • Choose tab Header Footer & Block and you can add template that has created to page.
  • Edit the display of your Header Footer & Blocks Template that can add the created template to the page.