Vehicle Attributes Config

The Autozpro theme provides some enhancements to the base attribute system of the WooCommerce plugin. This section describes these enhancements.

See the official WooCommerce documentation: Add global attributes to product.

Creating vehicle attribute

You can go to Admin and add new Attributes the same:

  1. Go to Products -> Attributes.

  2. Enter Name (for ex: Compatibility) and Slug (for ex: compatibility). Then check the Enable Archives? and click on the Add attribute button.

Adding Vehicles

After making the appropriate settings, we can start adding vehicles.

  1. Go to Products -> Attributes and click Configure terms opposite the previously created attribute (Compatibility).

2. Finally it's time to add the first vehicle. Fill in the following fields:

  • Name - Just a vehicle name. Can be of any value, but not empty.

  • Vehicle year (since) - The Year in which vehicle production began (for ex: 2016).

  • Vehicle year (until) - The year the vehicle ended production (for ex: 2020). Leave blank if the vehicle is still in production.

  • The Vehicle makes - Vehicle make (for ex: Ford, BMW, Audi, etc).

  • Vehicle Model - Vehicle modification name (for ex: Audi 1.5L Turbo).

Add as many vehicle as you need. When you're done, catch up, we'll be waiting for you in the next section.

Assign attribute vehicle for each products

You can add this attribute to the each product the same:

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