Mega menu

Step 1 - Navigate to manager Menu: Appearance > Menu.
Step 2 - Choose Menu you want to show Megamenu.
Step 3 - Click the button Mega to create the Megamenu for Item. So this Mega menu will show when you hover over the Item you choose to ad Megamenu.
Step 4 - A popup window is displayed. You can settings it before building content Megamenu.
(1) Click the button Edit Megamenu Submenu to build Megamenu.
(2) Set Width for Megamenu.
Note: Edits must be saved before you click Edit Megamenu Submenu to save your settings.
Step 5 - Click Edit Megamenu Submenu then a new window will appear. You can build a Mega menu by Elementor. After finishing click Update and click.
Step 6 - Click Save Menu.
The Front end looks like this: