How to Add Instagram in WordPress

Add Instagram in post/page with Elementor
To add Instagram in your WordPress by Elementor, we use Instagram Feed

1. Install & Activate Instagram Feed Plugin:

Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New Plugin -> Install & Activate Instagram Feed

2. Config Instagram Feed to Showcase on your website

2.1 Config Instagram Feed
2.2 Connect to Instagram Account:

3. Customize Instagram Feed in WordPress:

General information:
  • Width of feed: percentage of feed width.
  • Height of feed: The height of feed
  • Background color
Layout Instagram Feed:
  • Number of photos
  • Number of columns
  • Padding around images
  • Disable mobile layouts
-> Save changes

4. Display Instagram Feeds on Elementor

4.1 Copy shortcode of Instagram Feeds: [instagram-feed]
Admin -> Instagram feed -> Settings and navigate to “Display You Feed” -> Copy shortcode
4.2 Edit Page and Post with Elementor
  • Choose page or post and edit by Elementor:
  • Add new widget “Shortcode”: Search widget Shortcode and drag to content
Paste the “Shortcode” of Instagram feed that you’ve copied at “Display the Feed” and apply:
After saving, you will see all feeds of Instagram on the page you want.
You've added successfully Instagram on Elementor WordPress theme.