Contact Page

1. Create Contact Form.

Make sure you install and active Contact Form plugin to continue reading.

Step 1 - Log in to your WordPress Dashboard, go to Contact > Add New .

Step 2 - Give a Name to your form and change Mail Info.

<label class="mb-5"> Your name
    [text* your-name placeholder "Ex:  John Doe"] </label>

<label class="mb-5"> E-mail
    [email* your-email placeholder "Ex:"] </label>

<label class ="mb-3">Message (optional)
    [textarea your-message 40x5 placeholder "Enter text here..."] </label>


<button class="button-skew" type="submit" value="subscribe">
  <span>Send Messenge</span> <i class="opal-icon-arrow" style="font-size: 75%;">&nbsp;</i>

Mail settings:

Step 3 - Message tab. It will show all notice for you.

Additional settings:

2. Create Contact Page

Step 1 - Log in to your WordPress Administration Panel (Dashboard).

Step 2 - Click on Pages > Add New.

Step 3 - Give your page a name then Change the Editor to Backend Editor ( you need to have the Elementor plugin activated ).

Step 4 - Click on the Add Element button

Step 5 - Select the Contact Form element.

Step 6 - The Contact Form Settings should appear. Select the Form you want to use you can also customize the color and change the fields layout and button design

Step 7 - Update / Publish your page

Note: After add contact form, you should configure email system in order to receive email from forms when customers submit forms.

See more:

How to Configure Email System in WordPress

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