Set up color style for site
To access Customizer go to your admin Dashboard Navigate to Appearance >> Customize --> Color Style
A. Breadcrumb
  • Color: when you change color , text of breadcrumb will be changed color look like:
  • Color Current : when you change color, title breadcrumb will display look like
B. Woocommerce
+ Price Color: set up color for price of product
+ Product cats color : set up color for cart product
C. Button
+ With Primary button
  • Background color : when you choose background , In button will display color that you changed
  • Color : This option allow text of button to change with color that you set up
+ With Primary button hover
  • Background color : this options allow you to change color when you hover in button
  • Color: Text of button when you hover will have this color if you change in this option
D. Theme : Set up primary color for all contents in site
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