Edit Elements

Using Elementor, you can edit your content, style easily via edit Elementor Widgets.

In Editech, Elementor elements we used:

  • Opal Heading Widget

  • Opal Portfolio Widget

  • Opal Posts Grid

  • Elementor Element Widgets

Hover on the part you want to edit, click "Pencil icon", you will see the editor tab edit at the left hand.

1. Edit Opal Heading Widget

You can edit content, style, advanced for widget


  • Title: Edit title text

  • Sub title: Edit subtitle text of widget content

  • Position: Set text position: above/below

  • Link: Insert link

  • Size: Set size for content: Default, small, medium, large, XL, XXL

  • HTML Tag:

  • Alignment: Left, Center, Right

Style: Style for content

  • Text color

  • Typography

  • Text Shadow

  • Blend Mode

  • Padding

  • Margin

  • Subtitle


  • Advanced: Margin, Padding, Z-Index

  • Motion Effects: Set entrance animation

  • Background: Set background color, gradient color

  • Border:

  • Positioning

  • Responsive: Turn on/off to show on device

2. Edit Opal Service Widget

You can edit, add more testimonial, image size, alignments

3. Edit Opal Portfolio Widget


Layout: Columns, Post per page, Gutter, Filter bar, Style, Layout Button Load more: Enable/disable load more Quey Carousel Options: Layouts: Delay Content and Schedule content

Style: Button: Typography, Color, Border, Shadow and Margin

Advanced Settings:

4. Edit Other Elementor Widget:

Text, Image, Video, ...

Edit Feature "About Us" on page with Elementor

Click on edit icon to "Edit"

Replace Image: Upload, Remove Image as you want

Content: Image Size Alignment Caption Link

Style: Set Width, Height, Opacity, Radius, Shadow


Edit Text

  • Content Text: Edit Title, Subtitle, Position Link, Size, Alignment,...

  • Style Text: Color, Typography, Shadow, Blend Mode, Padding, Margin

  • Advanced Text:

Edit Icon

Edit Button: Edit Type, Text, Link, Alignment, Size, Icon

After all, click "Save" with all changes

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