Add New Room

To set up room, please step by step

Create Room

  • Step 1: Navigate to Appearance β†’ Rooms in your WordPress admin dashboard.

  • Step 2: Click the Add New Room.

  • Step 3: Fill in name of detail, content and room types... Featured image to create information of room

  • Step 4: Scroll down you will see Room settings. You can config option in there.

  1. In Quantity: Input number of rooms.

  2. In Number of adults: Please input number adults of your room in there.

  3. In Max children per room : Input number of childrens for room.

  4. Additional information : Fill in all information in this option.

  5. Gallery Settings : Inset image for gallery.

  6. Regular Price : Input price for all days .

Room setting:

Frontend look like:

If you want to know more, please click to link :" How to create Room of Amihomestay "to know it .