Step 1 - you can go to the Elementor and edit page.

Step 2 - Site Settings >> Global Colors >>

Step 3 - Settings color for your site

  1. The Primary Color is the main color of your site.

  • Regular: original color

  • Hover: color when hovering items

Example: Color Button, Color Link, and some other places.

2. Body Color is the color of the content text.

Example: Color content, description ... in a single blog, single product, page ...

3. Heading Color is the color of the heading text.

Example: Color Title, Title Tab ...

4. Border Color is the color border block.

Example: border product block, border form input, and places with borders ...

5. Light Color is the color light used for sub description.

Example: Color categories, color date-time, color subtitle ...

Note: Color is sometimes used for many special places to see which colors apply correctly to what cases you can select and test.

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