Add New Feed GG Woo Feed

Create unlimited feed to generate your data to connect with popular shopping providers as Google Shopping, Facebook, Pinterest.

I. Add New Feed

On the dashboard Admin Panel -> GG Woo Feed -> Add New Feed:

II. Fill all information for New GG Woo Feed:

  1. General Settings - GG Woo Feed:

  • File name: Name of your feed

  • Provider: Choose provider you want to generate file data such as Google Shopping, Google Adwords, Facebook, Pinterest

  • Feed Type: 3 feed types support: .xml, .csv, .txt

2. GG Woo Feed Filter:

You have to set Query & Advanced:

a. Set Query:

  • Limit: Quantity of products you want to set ( Set -1 for all product)

  • Stock: All products, only product in stock, only products out of stock

  • Sale: All products, Only product on sale, Only product Not on sale

  • Select Product Categories: Choose product categories

  • Select Product Types: Choose product types

  • Exclude variations for variable products: If enable this options, the feed will be excluded variations product

  • Show main variable product

2. Advanced Filter:

At advanced filter: Choose relationship conditions: AND & OR

AND : Filter will only pick products which match ALL of your filtering conditions.

OR : Filter will pick products which match ANY filtering conditions.

Attribute :

Select the Attribute you wish to filter and then select the Condition and Value to be applied.


  • contain

  • not contain

  • equal

  • not equal

  • greater than

  • less than

  • greater than or equal to

  • less or equal to

Notice: With contain or not contain, you can use a comma-separated list of destinations. Ex:

Product ID - not contain - 1, 2, 3 -> Exclude product ID is 1, 2, 3.

Add new condition:

III. Data:

You must fill information at 3 tabs: General, Mapping & Advanced

  1. General Data: Select/unselect on checkbox for the file data export:

Product Title:

Product Description:

Main variable product:

Product Images:


Product Condition


Prefer to use Custom GTIN metabox. If this value is empty, use the mapping field.


MPN will be fill in the below order:

  • Use Custom Product metabox (in product editor).

  • Use Custom Product Category Term meta (in product category editor).

  • If above values is empty, use the mapping field.

Google Taxonomy Adult


2. Mapping:

Show order of your data information when you edit

Add New Row: Add more row on your mapping

3. Advanced

Optimize UTM parameters: set information for tracking UTM link on Google Analytics

Custom Path: Custom file path generate to get access on your computer.

Then "Save & Generate Feed"

You' ve set new feed successfully. To manage Feed, please view more at: Manage GG Woo Feed WooCommerce Shopping Plugin

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