Today, we very happy to introduce with you plugin "GG Bought Together for WooCommerce".One of plugins, that developed by our skillful developers.
Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce plays an important role in your WooCommerce shop to boost sales and increases profits from cross-selling marketing strategy drastically. When using WooCommerce Bought together, your shop can suggest related products automatic for assistant to additional purpose & usage. It's a smart way to introduce products to better customers' experience in your shop.
Outstanding GG Bought Together for WooCommerce:
  • Advanced search with SKU, title, phrase or sentence
  • Set discount pricing with percentage for bought together
  • Easily WooCommerce Bought Together Setting
  • Flexible Bought together Function supports
  • Include Main Product in cart
  • Display product thumbnail image
  • Show price
  • Show variation for product
  • Detail product
  • Recalculate main price
  • Main Price selector
  • Change quantity in cart page
  • Set limit of product search showcase
And more...
Last modified 2yr ago